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Apple iPhone 6s (4.7”) TPU Rail Protective Case with Clear See Through Back (Fits iPhone 6, 2014)

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Product Description

Need protection for your new iPhone 6s but don’t want to entomb it in a giant plastic “box”? The Gear Beast GearJelly Armor provides the highest level of protection for your iPhone 6s in the GearJelly line while minimizing changes to the phone’s design and color pallet.

Features + Fit

One Year Warranty

Laser cut to accommodate device buttons, camera and ports, with expanded slots to increase compatibility with audio cables, headphones and chargers from leading brands

Reinforced TPU corners and raised bezel provide added protection where phone is most vulnerable including screen

Constructed of a reinforced TPU rail and a scratch-resistant polycarbonate clear back to provide the highest level of protection in the GearJelly line

Slip-resistant “jelly” rail allows you to more easily hold on to your phone

Compatible with NFC enabled devices

Protection through Superior Construction

Constructed of a reinforced TPU rail (available in multiple accent colors) and a scratch-resistant polycarbonate clear back, the Gear Jelly Armor provides shock absorption against drops and bumps, while reinforced TPU corners and a raised bezel provide added protection where your phone is most vulnerable including the device’s display.

Superior Protection
Better Grip
Better Grip

The GearJelly Armor not only protects your iPhone 6s (Also compatible with iPhone 6, 2014) against drops it also reduces the chances you will drop it in the first place. The GearJelly Armor features a slip-resistant “jelly” rail that allows you to more easily hold on to your phone. Say goodbye to your phone slipping out of your hand while sending a text, taking a picture, paying a bill, boarding a flight or merely answering a phone call!

Slim Design Complements your iPhone 6s

The GearJelly Armor is built to last! Constructed of durable high-quality TPU and Polycarbonate materials, the GearJelly Armor sets the standard for reliability.

Slim Design
Built To Fit
Built to Fit

While Gear Beast designs and manufactures a wide range of cases to meet the varied needs of customers, all cases are designed with fit, protection, functionality and reliability in mind. Each Gear Beast case is laser cut to accommodate device buttons, camera and ports, with expanded slots to increase compatibility with audio cables, headphones and chargers from leading brands like Beats, Soul, Bose and Gear Beast. In addition all cases are compatible with NFC enabled devices and available in multiple colors.

Warranty Information

    One Year Warranty

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact if your Gear Beast Product does not meet your expectations.

Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent

    I purchased this at a discount in exchange for an honest review. This is a solid, protective, durable case. Excellent protection without the bulk of otterbox-type cases!

  2. they're great for it

    This is my second gear beast case, and if you're looking for a value case to protect your phone from the normal daily routine, they're great for it. I have the basic silicone case as well; this one has a double layer to it for some extra protection. The back on it is really slick (not a huge fan of that), and where the second piece joins along the edges is a little bit of a "rough" edge...my finger catches just the slightest bit on it, and for a phone that's so smooth and contoured, that's a bit of a let down.
    Still, it's nice having the extra layer of protection and maybe I'm being overly critical.
    The buttons and ports are all accessed easily without any impedance from the case. I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

  3. Fantastic Case

    This case provides a very sleek compact feel to your iPhone 6. If you're like me and you like the way you iPhone 6 looks and feels without a case then this may be the case for you. I did not know what to expect before receiving this case but I am pleased with the Design and durability of the case. I highly recommend trying this case out

    Sleek and Compact: This case is very aesthetically pleasing, the back of the case has a shiny plastic finish to it while the edges at the top and bottom being a flat hard rubber like feel and look. The GearBeast logo is featured towards the bottom of the case centered above the lightning charge port on the iPhone 6. This case easily fits in your pockets with no problems.

    Easy to get on: Upon taking this product out of the package there is clear instructions with pictures on how to put your phone into this case. you simply slide you phone in at an angle and you're done.

    All ports are easily accessible: The headphone jack port, speaker, charging port and silent/ring slider are all easily accessible, the design really gives you a hassle free experience.

    Grips very well: This case has a very nice feel to it, not too slippery and it fits comfortably in your hands.

    Provides great screen edge protection: The design of this case covers the edges of the screen very well to help protect the screen from accidental drops.

    There are very few cons with this case but one being the buttons are a bit stiff, not as stiff as some other cases out there on the market though, Still very easy to push the buttons. With time i'm sure the buttons will loosen up.

    Overall this case is very ideal for the iPhone 6, I have had no problems with it and it is becoming my everyday case. I highly recommend this case to anyone looking for a good quality case for their iPhone 6 without spending too much money. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

  4. 5 Stars

    Case fits well and and protects phone.

  5. A very good choice for featherweight protection

    If you love the slim, sleek form factor of the iPhone 6, while acknowledging that the dang thing is dangerously slippery to hold, this may well be the case for you. It provides a decent grip with its rubber sides, while protecting the back with a slim sheet of clear plastic and leaving a tiny lip in the front to protect the glass when the phone is put down face-down. If you're easy on your phone, this may be all you need. I wouldn't choose it if you habitually knock your phone around, though. Also, the iPhone 6's glass is supposedly a lot more scratch-resistant than other models. If you trust that it is, and/or if you hate glass-protecting films, then the slight lip will likely be sufficient protection for the front. If not, you will want an additional film for the front.

    Advantages of this case: It's slim and trim. It doesn't do much to change the shape and style of the phone, and the rubber (at least in my Space Grey model) matched the color of the phone. It's about as close as you can get to no case while still protecting your phone from everyday dings. The buttons were very sensitive, even though covered. (I prefer the buttons covered; it keeps the crud out.) It's just thick enough that when you put the phone down back-side-down, the raised lens glass doesn't touch the surface you placed it on. And of course, for those that care, it shows off the back of the phone so the world will know you have an iPhone 6.

    Disadvantages of this case: I wouldn't expect it to protect from serious shocks like 6-foot drops onto concrete... although I haven't tested it, so who knows. Also, the clear back seems to get micro-scratched easily. Dust and lint also accumulated under the clear plastic -- nothing too obtrusive, but it was annoying that it worked its way under there. It seems nearly impossible to get every bit out, let alone keep it out. Admittedly, I put my iPhone in my jeans pocket. Perhaps it would be less of an issue if you store yours in a case.

    All in all, if you are looking for just-enough-of-a-case for a well-taken-care-of iPhone 6, this is a good and cost-effective choice.

  6. Easy to use, ok protection, buttons easy to use

    Inexpensive option with fair protection. Had no problems getting it off and on the IPhone - and it looks nice. It's a standard type thinner case that provides a little bit of protection and helps for gripping the Iphone. The color is fine - nothing too overwhelming. I've got several of these cases and they are easy to swap out when needed to change a color or style.

  7. Simple...not bulky

    I like it more than I thought I would. It is simple and not bulky like the Otterbox case that I usually have. I tend to drop my phone a lot so hopefully this will protect it enough?!

  8. and the material is great in hand...

    The case fits the iPhone 6 perfectly, and the material is great in hand. In a word, the product is worth its price.

  9. I love this case.

    I love this case! It's not bulky at all, but I feel it still gives it pretty good protection. (as much protection as a thin phone case can give) I don't drop my iPhone 6 as much as I did with my iPhone 4 for some reason. So this case is perfect for me. If you're really worried about protection and stuff I would go with a different case.

  10. It looks pretty good too.

    The slim case came fast and fits the iPhone 6! Looks pretty good too! I had coworkers that commented on how good it looks. I personally like how lightweight it is. For the cost this case is pretty good. Doesn't feel like it will be super protective but should be good enough for everyday use. The back is transparent so you can see the logo and color. I had to wipe it a bit to avoid dust.

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