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Apple iPhone SE 5 / 5s Premium Synthetic Leather Folio Case with Stand Function & Suction Cup Closure

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Product Description

GearFolio cases are manufactured from highest quality Faux leather that delivers a high-fashion design while delivering the durability to keep your smartphone protected.

Features + Fit

One Year Warranty

Effortlessly watch your favorite videos or play games the Folio Stand Feature

Slim Folio Case design minimize bulk to the smartphone

Folio Flip Cover folds for easy access and protects the Screen from scratches, smudges and dirt

Flexible TPU Case allows for easy and secure installation while providing protection for your smartphone


Gear Beast Folio cover cases are designed for the Apple iPhone 5 for a perfect fit. The GearFolio is available in a variety of striking colors and design to match the taste of even the most fashion conscience smartphone user.

Design and Function
Design and Function

Slim Folio Case design minimizes bulk to the smartphone while protecting your screen from scratches, smudges and dirt. The attached flexible TPU case easily secures your iPhone and provides easy access to ports and controls. The stand feature allows you to effortlessly watch your favorite videos or play games. The suction cup closure will keep the flip cover secured while not in use.


The premium PU leather outer offers shock absorption and abrasion resistance. The flip cover not only protects the phone but the screen from scratches, smudges and dirt.


Warranty Information

    One Year Warranty

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact if your Gear Beast Product does not meet your expectations.

Product Reviews

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  1. Hardly adds any bulk to the iPhone - yet provides excellent protection

    This case is very thin that it hardly adds any bulk to my iPhone5. The carbon fiber look is pretty neat with the shiny criss cross pattern. But for me, the most important thing is to protect the screen which is the most vulnerable part of the iPhone; this is why I always prefer the folio type of cases just like what this case offers. It also has a microfiber soft feel on the inside so it will not scratch the screen. For shock protection, the phone is protected around the edges with a black silicone shell. The cover flap has a tiny suction cup to keep the lid closed at all times. Lastly, you can use the cover as a stand if you are watching videos.

    - The cover doesn't provide sleep function. Remember to turn off the display whenever you close the cover. On the other hand, you can communicate even when the cover is closed.

    A sample of this product was sent to me for review purposes.

  2. Simple, stylish cover offers protection and privacy

    For me, I find the privacy offered by the flip cover to be the best feature of this iPhone case. I was a bit skeptical at first about how good a job the little suction cup would work to hold the flip cover in place. But, it does a fine job of suctioning tight to the surface of my phone.

    At the office, my phone is often out on a desk top or a conference table. I like that I can prevent my co-workers from seeing what's on my screen. I got the black carbon fiber case, and I must say, it fits in to a professional atmosphere beautifully. It definitely has a sophisticated look and it sends a message: "I'm there."

    I had no trouble at all installing this case on my phone: It slides right in and fits nice and tight. I've put it on and taken it off several times now and the integrity of the rubbery material has not been compromised by the stretching to get it on and off.

    Yes, it only provides minimal protection. If I'm heading out to play rough, I use my common sense and switch this out for a tougher case. This case is for phones treated with TLC. It provides protection from scratches caused by rings, zippers, change and keys in your pocket, nail files, pens, hair clips in your purse. It does not protect the phone from five foot drops to a cement floor, being stepped on or rolled over.

    It is an attention-grabber--in an understated way. The textured wrap-around cover is made of a few thin layers: The bendable cover has a top layer with a vinyl-like feel and the textured pattern is nice-looking. The bottom layer is a soft material to help prevent scratches to your phone's surface. There is a sturdy middle layer that lends stability and firmness. Me, just being my picky old self: I didn't like being able to see the light-colored middle layer along the edges of the cover, so I ran a black permanent marker around the edge.

    Buy it for what it is. Don't buy it, then complain about it for what it is not: If you are looking for a case that is hefty, well padded and indestructible under extreme conditions and negligent, rough handling: This is NOT the case you are looking for.

    If you do decide to purchase this case, make sure you highlight the button for the right phone, as both iPhone and Galaxy are offered on this same product page.

  3. Cann't go wrong.

    This is my wife's first Smartphone so this is her first case. I have nothing to compare it to, but I don't see any need to compare it. It is exactly what my wife said she wanted. No clasp to hold back when using the phone. White so she could find it in her purse. Keeps closed in her purse because of the suction cup. And able to stand on a counter with the cover folded back. So much less expensive than buying it in a a brand name store. How can you go wrong???? I don't think you can!

  4. Want a nice leather-ish folio case for you phone?

    he GearFolio is a nice, no nonsense folio case for your iPhone or Galaxy. (I have an iPhone)

    Installation is simple. Just press the phone into the rubberized internal case and you're done.

    The inside of the front cover has a suction cup that sticks to the front of the phone. I haven't seen it leave a mark yet, though I suppose it might be possible it will do.

    The faux-leather feels nice, has a good texture and is minimal, meaning the case is minimalist and easy to drop in your pocket. A small slit in the front cover means you can hear whomever you are talking to without having to open the case. Of course, you still have to open the case to answer the phone, so maybe this isn't all that useful to most.

    The rubberized sides of the interior case that holds the phone mean better phone grip. All of the buttons and switches are easy to access after installation.


  5. Sleek, Black and Perfect.

    The Folio Stand Case is my favorite kind of case for my iPhones. I had one with my iPhone 4, and I received many compliments.

    This Gear Bead Folio Stand Case came well packaged. It also came with explicit instructions. Since I have used one of these phone covers before, I knew how to place my phone in the case for a perfect fit. The iPhone slips right into a more rigid hard plastic case which provides a degree of safety if the iPhone drops. This folio stand case is very attractive. Mine is black, sleek and a perfect fit. It has a suction cup device on the inside of the lid which keeps the cover closed. This is new for me, my last one did not have this accoutrement. The fit is perfect, it looks much more expensive than it is. The premium PU leather outer offers shock absorption and abrasion resistance. The flip cover not only protects the phone but the screen from scratches, smudges and dirt. This Gesr Beast Folio cover has the ability to swivel so I can use the iPhone on a horizontal base to view films. I can easily charge the phone while in this case. I feel the closing cover provides more safety for my phone, and I really prefer this type of case. Very happy with this product. Note: this product was provided to me for use and review.