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GearJelly Scratch Resistant Clear Back TPU Bumper Apple iPhone 6s (4.7 Inch) Phone Case (Fits iPhone 6, 2014)

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Product Description

Tired of broken promises from other case manufacturers that say their case won’t impact the phone’s design but you end up carrying around an unnecessarily bright and bulky “box”? The Gear Beast GearJelly Scratch Resistant Clear Back delivers on our commitment to deliver a high-quality protective case for your iPhone 6s while minimizing changes to the phone’s design and color pallet. If you like the design of your new iPhone 6 you can keep it!

Features + Fit

One Year Warranty

Laser cut to accommodate device buttons, camera and ports, with expanded slots to increase compatibility with audio cables, headphones and chargers from leading brands

Reinforced TPU corners and raised bezel provide added protection where phone is most vulnerable including screen

Reinforced TPU rail and a scratch-resistant polycarbonate clear back provide a high level of protection without impacting the phone’s sleek design

Slip-resistant “jelly” rail allows you to more easily hold on to your phone

Compatible with NFC enabled devices

Protection through Superior Construction

Constructed of a reinforced TPU rail (available in multiple accent colors) and a scratch-resistant polycarbonate clear back, the Gear Jelly Armor provides shock absorption against drops and bumps, while reinforced TPU corners and a raised bezel provide added protection where your phone is most vulnerable including the device’s display.

Superior Protection
Better Grip
Better Grip

The GearJelly ClearView not only protects your iPhone 6s (will compatible with iPhone 6, 2014) against drops it also reduces the chances you will drop it in the first place. The GearJelly ClearView features a slip-resistant “jelly” rail that allows you to more easily hold on to your phone. Say goodbye to your phone slipping out of your hand while sending a text, taking a picture, paying a bill, boarding a flight or merely answering a phone call!

Slim Design Complements your iPhone 6s

While many protective cases are bulky and detract from the iPhone’s iconic style, the GearJelly Armor is form-fitted to the actual device to maintain the sleek look of your iPhone 6s.

Slim Design
Built To Fit
Built to Fit

While Gear Beast designs and manufactures a wide range of cases to meet the varied needs of customers, all cases are designed with fit, protection, functionality and reliability in mind. Each Gear Beast case is laser cut to accommodate device buttons, camera and ports, with expanded slots to increase compatibility with audio cables, headphones and chargers from leading brands like Beats, Soul, Bose and Gear Beast. In addition all cases are compatible with NFC enabled devices and available in multiple colors.

Warranty Information

    One Year Warranty

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact if your Gear Beast Product does not meet your expectations.

Product Reviews

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  1. Sweet!

    Perfect blend of stick and slick, slides right in my pocket but doesn't slide off surfaces, half the price of anything comparable in the cell phone stores, Gear Beast!!!

  2. Beautifully minimalist iPhone 6 case with all round protection. I love it!,

    This is a great “cover” case for the iPhone 6 which gives almost total all-round protection, I’ve tested this for a week, and I love it.

    What's it like?
    Looking around on Amazon, there’s two types of case for the iPhone 6. The “cover” cases are completely enclose the iPhone (front and back) like a book, and (maybe) hold the front cover in place with a magnetic tab. The other (more minimalist) type provide a gel “bumper” around the phone protecting the edges and back, leaving your iPhone with less apparent protection - but still showing the beautiful industrial design of the device

    This one is a “bumper” variety, and as the name implies, covers almost all the iPhone - but in a very minimalist style.

    It’s basically a very (almost non-existent) light flexible gel/plastic black “bumper” shell with a semi-rigid transparent (and incredibly thin) back with cut-outs for the camera and mute switch, speaker and headphone socket etc. To fit it, you gently push your iPhone into the bumper, and it wraps the entire device (back and all edges) with the exception of the screen while adding almost no bulk or weight.

    I have to say (having tried both), I personally prefer this type as it looks and feels like a “second skin” on the iPhone. I’ve never been happy with enclosing my hugely expensive (and much loved) phone in a cheap leather case, and this is a great compromise of protection and minimalism.

    I also love the fact the back is clear (with just a subtle silver “Gear Beast” logo near the bottom), which means I doesn’t cover up the great design.

    What's Good about it?
    * Incredibly slim light and adds almost no weight or bulk
    * Cut-outs all work beautifully (I’ve not taken it off for a week - except for this review)
    * All round protection (except the screen) in a "snap in” case - all corners covered
    * Black rounded bumper a nice touch - looks “made for Apple” - but without the hefty price tag
    * Gives protection from scratches and the odd bump

    What's not so good?
    * It doesn’t cover the screen (but you can buy a transparent scratch cover if needed)
    * Adds some protection - but I wouldn’t want to drop my iPhone on concrete to test it.

    Beautifully minimalist iPhone 6 case with all round protection. I love it!

    Disclosure: I was kindly sent this by the manufacturer to give an independent unbiased review. Having said that, I’ll be using this every day myself. Can’t say fairer than that!

    I do hope this review was useful!

  3. Simple case does the job while not covering up the iPhone 6's stylish look.

    This is a nice simple case that does just what is needed. It fits the phone perfectly. It's clear, which allows one to show off the subtle color of a "gold" iPhone. It doesn't add much thickness to the iPhone, yet it feels like the it will provide enough protection. It has already served its purpose once, being dropped on a tile surface from 2-3 feet above the floor. Neither the phone nor the case were harmed during the incident.