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Noise Reducing Stereo In-Ear headphones
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Product Description

GearBuds have a stylish compact design and deliver premium sound clarity with powerful bass for you to rock out to your tunes or immerse your into your favorite movie. Perfect while running, cycling, working out, at work or just lounging around your house. They are a must have accessory for your iPhone, Galaxy, iPod, MP3 player, laptop, portable DVD, MD, radio, and any device with a 3.5mm jack.

Features + Fit

Stylish compact and lightweight ergomonitc design for a comfortable fit.

Made of light and durable Aluminum to deliver premium sound clarity with powerful bass.

Includes 3 sets of silicone earbud adapters (S/M/L sizes).

Soft silicone earbuds allow for a perfect fit inside your ears, allowing you to enjoy your music or movies as if you were there live.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority; please do not hesitate to contact us if your GearBuds does not meet your expectations.

Designed for Comfort

GearBuds are made of lightweight aluminum and designed for optimal comfort for extended use. GearBuds ship with 3 sets of silicone earbud adapters (S/M/L sizes) that ensure a customized fit, excellent noise isolation, distortion-free volume levels and deep bass to power you through your workout or activity.

Gear Beast GearBuds Earbud Headphones
Lifetime Warranty
Case Compatible

Ever buy a pair of headphones and you couldn’t use the with your Phone, Tab or MP3 player because of the case you purchased? The GearBuds are tested for compatibility with the most popular brands of cases such as Otterbox, Incipio, Belkin , Spigen and of course perfect for Gear Beast Phone Cases and Armbands.

Warranty Information

    One Year Warranty

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact if your Gear Beast Product does not meet your expectations.

Product Reviews

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  1. Tiny, tiny earbuds that pack a mighty wallop. Just see my notes below.

    Color: Hot Pink
    I received this item free in exchange for a review and despite that kindness I give my absolutely candid thoughts below in more or less chronological order.

    * Their little bulbous design is rather cute. I got these in pink and the colorful accents are rather cool and unique.

    * Very, very light. Less than one ounce in weight, 12 grams. Barely there at all.

    * Plug end is very thin and manages to plug well into my iPhone case that usually obstructs most cords.

    * Looking at the sound reproduction, the headphones are strong though they do seem slightly more responsive on the high end of the range. Max output is about 60Db which is still enough to deafen you completely.

    * The shaft of these is very short which means you can bury them quite deeply in your ears. It's important that you not mind this because if you don't insert them properly the sound will be rather off with a tendency towards a lot of high-pitched noise. If you get them in the right position they're extremely robust.

    * Lastly, because of their light build, these are not recommended for younger users. They're delicate and I know my 9-year-old would have these shorted out in about 10 minutes.

  2. These are Great!!

    Got these for my mom, she loved 'em!!

  3. Music Focused

    I love my new ear buds! They muffle surrounding sounds and leave me with my music; perfect for the gym!

  4. Comfortable for small ears

    Earbuds that fit small ears that don't have annoying posts to be a pain--yay! Low cost is a bonus. I recommend these highly for everyday use.

  5. The sound on these is awesome! They are noise cancelling with the right fit ...

    The sound on these is awesome! They are noise cancelling with the right fit and they seem durable. I have not had them long but I love them so far. As an example, I had them plugged in to my laptop, listening to music. With the volume at 18%, it was the loudest I could handle. I've never had a pair that loud!

  6. Gear Beast inner ear headphone

    Sounds great. Nice HD base. Fits perfect in my ears. Nice quality and great price. I would buy again, oops! Forgot, it has life time replacement warranty.

  7. Happy with purchase

    Use them everyday. Durable and good sound

  8. Gear Beast ate the Beast

    These are the best sounding ear buds I've ever heard that cost less than $20!

  9. Great product for less money!

    These sound fantastic so far, and are very comfortable. Much better than the very popular Panasonics here on Amazon both in sound and fit, at least for me.

  10. Shockingly Good...

    I must say that I did not have high expectations for these earphones, but I bought them anyway on a lightening deal because you can never have too many. With that said, I also bought the brainwavz S0 earphones, which cost over 4x as much as the Gear Beast, on Amazon Prime day and between the two I can easily say that I like the sound that these earphones produce better than the Brainwavz.

    The sound these earphones produce is well rounded, dynamic, and surprising to be honest. The treble may be a tad high for some people, but the mid-range is balanced nicely which gives an overall depth in your music. The bass is also surprising in these little earphones, in a good way. The bass has incredible frequency range, and does not overpower the sound. Overall sound is great...

    They reduce noise just about as much as you'd expect from in-earphones, but I can still hear the TV when I'm listening to music at a comfortable-high level. They definitely reduce the ambient noise, but don't come close to cancelling it. Not a big deal for me...

    These earphones are comfortable and they come with 3 pairs of extra tips. They stay in my ear pretty good for in-earphones, and they withstand a vigorous head-shake test. All-in-all, these actually stay in a little better than some of the other in-earphones I've had before, but I think this has a lot to do with individual anatomy. The cord length is typical with what you'd expect from earphones. They appear to be of decent quality, but I can't really review the durability since I haven't had them too long. The packaging is very minimal, if that matters to you at all..

    Overall, with cost in consideration I give these earphones 5-stars. If you are looking to upgrade your oem earphone and you don't want to spend a bunch of money than these are for you. You will not be disappointed, and I can safely say that if I had to pick between these and my $45 Brainwavz earphones, I would pick these for sound quality.

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