Running Hand Strap w/Valuables Slot

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Gear Beast’s Smartphone Hand Strap is designed for every athlete or beginner who is seeking a safe, convenient way to hold their phone while running or walking. Constructed of soft, sweat resistant neoprene, this hand strap is both comfortable and durable.


Features + Fit

KEEP YOUR PHONE and VALUABLES SAFE. Gear Beast’s improved Velcro closure ensures that your phone stays secure in the hand strap while running. A specially designed VALUABLES POCKET allows you to safely carry your key, money, credit cards or ID

XLG COMPATIBILITY - IPHONE 6S PLUS, IPHONE 6 PLUS, GALAXY NOTE 5, S6 EDGE PLUS, NEXUS 6P and OTHER DEVICES. Supports phones measuring 6.3 X 3.1 inches or less.

REFLECTIVE SAFETY BAND increases visibility during low light and nighttime activities. Be Seen and Be Safe!

ENHANCED TOUCHSCREEN SENSITIVITY FOR EASY PHONE OPERATION. Gear Beast’s Hand Strap features an ultra-thin, but tough, 0.3 mm screen protector, so that you can easily access and operate your phone, including changing your music on the run, without having to take it out of the armband.

LRG COMPATIBILITY - IPHONE 6S, IPHONE 6, GALAXY S6, S6 EDGE, NEXUS 5X and OTHER DEVICES. Supports phones measuring 5.9 X 2.8 inches or less.

Hand Strap

Are you the type of person who likes to hold their phone when they run? Look no further because we have the perfect accessory for your iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus, LG or whichever brand of smartphone you own. The Gear Beast Smart Phone Running Hand Strap is designed for every athlete or beginner who is seeking a safe, convenient way to hold his or her phone while running or walking

Valuable Pocket

Constructed of soft, sweat resistant neoprene, this product is both comfortable and durable. The hand strap fits like a glove around your hand and the piping around the strap and case provides a comfortable feel and grip. Long gone are the days of phones slipping out of your hands during workouts or ruining them due to sweat getting inside the phone


The Secure Velcro Closure and Interior Valuables pocket ensure that your phone along with your key, money, and credit cards will be safe and secure. Now you can run, walk, or exercise as long as you want without the worry of if your phone will hit the pavement or if something will get lost along the way.

Valuable Pocket
Reflective Safety Band

Reflective Safety Band ensures that you are seen while running at night.

Warranty Information

    One Year Warranty

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact if your Gear Beast Product does not meet your expectations.

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 starsPerfect for running! Fits iPhone 6S Plus!!!

    Perfect for running if you prefer to hold your phone instead of an arm band. It fits the iphone 6s plus, somerthing much preferred over an armband due to the large size of the 6 plus. Great hand strap all around.

  2. I like using this when I run

    Fits my phone perfectly. I like using this when I run.

  3. effective!

    It does what its supposed to, and the strap is big enough to get around your wrist and maybe a small arm. I use this when I run on the trails at a local park and its much better than just carrying it or letting it bounce in my pocket.

  4. Thanks! Cool product

    This is a pretty neat product. Adds great cushion to edges and protects screen from liquids/scratches. Cushy handle is useful when outside playing and texting.

  5. A must have

    I used it yesterday at the gym and it works great I was able to use it while running on the treadmill and I didn't have to worry about dropping my phone while running and listening to my radio. This is a must have for all those that run and go to the gym.

  6. This is a fun way to carry my phone while I'm working out...

    This is a fun way to carry my phone while I'm working out, so that I can keep my eyes right on it for when I'm doing sprints and things like that. It's easy to use and it's comfortable. My phone fits in it well and the material feels sturdy.