3.3 Foot Apple MFI Certified Retractable Charge and Sync Lightning Cable

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Product Description

Sync and Charge the latest iPhone, iPad or iPod products with the Gear Beast Retractable Apple MFI Certified 8-Pin Lightning to USB 2.0 Cable. This cable is designed to rapidly charge and sync music, photos and videos to your device.

Features + Fit

MFI Certified by Apple to meet or exceed Apple performance standards and requirements using latest high-speed C48 connector and compatible with the latest iOS.

3.3 Feet / 1 Meter retractable travel charging cord is ideal for use with portable battery power packs, in cars, homes, offices, hotels and more.

Retractable lightweight design allows for easy storage and portability, while made of Lightweight durable TPE and reversible lightning connector provides trouble free insertion.

Lighting connector molding dimensions of 9.0mm x 5.3mm (similar to Apple original) fits most phone cases including Gear Beast, OtterBox (except iPhone 5 Preserver) and LifeProof (Except iPhone 6 Fre).

What is Made for iPod, Made for iPhone, Made for iPad (MFI) Certification?

MFI is Apple's product licensing program for developers of hardware and peripherals for Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone. Apple tests and certifies products from these developers to guarantee complete compatibility with Apple devices and the latest iOS

MFI Logo
Why is MFI Certification important to me?

Non-MFI products are not tested and could be incompatible with your iDevice. This simply means that the cable may not charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod or, worse, could short out or damage your device.

All Gear Beast Lightning cables are MFI certified by Apple to meet Apple performance standards and carry the Made for iPhone, Made for iPad and Made for iPod logos. Don’t compromise performance, risk potential damage to your Apple device or violate your product warranty by using non-certified cables.

Case Compatible

Gear Beast Lightning cables have been designed to be compatible with the most popular cases on the market such as Otterbox (Except iPhone 5 Preserver), Lifeproof (Except iPhone 6 Fre) and, of course, Gear Beast cases.

Compatible With

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple iPhone 6s / 6
Apple iPhone 6s / 6 Plus
Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C

iPad Mini / Mini 2 / Mini 3
iPad Mini with Retina Display
iPad with Retina Display (4th generation)

iPad Pro

iPad Air / Air 2
iPod Touch (5th generation)
iPod Nano (7th generation)

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  1. Nifty Product

    What a great idea. Compact and light. Fits in my power backup case.

  2. What A Great Idea!

    Compact, works as described. Glad I bought two. Everyone who sees it wants it.

  3. Handy charger for on-the-go

    Perfect for use in the car and at my laptop where the cord does not get in the way. Its also very easy to pack and travel with.

  4. Convenient and Reliable

    Convenient and reliable, what more could one want? This is the cable that Apple ought to have shipped with the iPhone.

  5. Love the easy of re-tractability to keep it clean and ...

    No issues with apple devices. Love the easy of re-tractability to keep it clean and organized.

  6. Love Them

    The cords are very sturdy and thick. The retractable part works perfectly. I was able to get rid of all the messy cords. My charging area looks neat and tidy now.

  7. Love, love THEM

    This order was my second. And now Im wondering if I should have gotten three or four instead of only two more. My first is so well used that I must have more! I use it on an endurable near my iPad without trouble And the much more strong plug end tips work so much better than my workout Apple cable. I have to carry it to my car to plug it in my USB for charging my iPhone...that's one reason I need more. So much less hassle as this device easily fits into the covered compartment where the USB plug is....it does not cause a jumble of cable or jam up the opening. Now my third can be used in the bedroom for a spare and for my travel case. Maybe I do need one more....pink for travel?

  8. Beginning to have problems

    Ordered 1 early last spring and liked it so much bought 2 more and wrote a review on Mar 6. Ordered 2 more in Aug so I could have one in all vehicles and suitcase. Recently though a couple of them have become loose. I have to keep pushing in. Have to drop my rating.

  9. Retractable Charger for iphone 5c

    LOVE this retractable charger, and the BEST part about it is that it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The first one I purchase the little part you plug into the phone broke off, and I forgot that I had that LIFETIME WARRANTY, so I purchased another one. Sometime later that same little piece broke off, so I contacted the seller and I received and immediate response and a brand new charger within 10 days. I Love this!

  10. Works great with iPad Air and iPhone 6, perfect for travel or slipping in your portable battery pack pouch

    Bought 2 of these in preparation for two cross country trips inside of a month. I had to pack for my iPad, iPhone, portable power pack, and travel surge protector so my collection of accompanying bits and pieces is getting a bit out of hand. These cables are perfect for minimizing tangling and avoiding the constant coil/recoil/re-recoil that happens when you open the storage case or want to bring a cable with you at your destination. I can even slip one inside the drawstring pouch for the power pack for quick and easy backup power if needed. I tested both cables with both devices before I left and had no problems, and they worked perfectly while away. I think on this next trip I'll skip the backup traditional Apple cable (I was petrified that all of a sudden they wouldn't work) and just pack these!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 24 | Next