3 Fitness Accessories for the New You!

New Year’s resolutions are all about improving yourself, and there’s nothing better for your body, mind and spirit than a little exercise. In fact, studies show that breaking a sweat can help you stave off depression, reduce the risk of getting sick and even tack a few years onto your life.

While many people will join pricey gyms, buy unnecessary equipment, bite off more than they can chew and ultimately quit on their goals, if you take it slow and steady and invest in the more “bang-for-your- buck” products, you can get leaner, stronger and faster just in time for swimsuit season.

Here are three items that can help make this year your fittest year yet.


For many people, the gym is a sacred, quiet place where they can rejuvenate without the stress of life around them. But, as much as you might want to completely disconnect and leave your smartphone in a locker during your workout, not knowing can be even more anxiety-ridden. Sometimes it just puts the mind at ease to be able to monitor the things you might have to get to later.

Plus, chances are, the gym music isn’t really your style, and there’s nothing like a good jam to help pump you up. Handheld smartphone sleeves allow you to keep your phone -- and playlists -- convenient, yet free of gym grime, and some even wrap around a water bottle, so you can stay hydrated and connected all in one product.

Some of the best handled smartphone sleeves have adjustable grips, are water-resistant design, and come with razor-thin TPU screen protectors that are seamless, yet still protect your phone.

Jump Ropes

You know who are some of the fittest people on Earth? Boxers and MMA fighters. And, just about all of them rely on one of the best forms of full-body cardio workouts around: jumping rope.

Studies show that you can burn a whopping 1,300 calories an hour skipping rope, and jumping continuously for ten minutes is the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile.

Plus, this tried-and-true fitness tool is portable, incredibly affordable and takes up minimal space. It’s also the perfect option for staying on track while traveling because it’s easy to pack, and you can jump just about anywhere outside.

If you’re looking for a good jump rope you want to get one that’s coated with PVC (for optimal durability), is lightweight, and preferably, adjustable -- some workouts call for higher or lower jumps which call for more or less slack.

Running Backpacks

While it might seem like all you need is your legs and a pair of shoes for running, once you get serious about training for a race, the equipment, though lightweight, really starts to pile up. Relative to your ability and distance, you’ll probably need to take a bunch of things along with you, such as water, nutrition gels, extra sunscreen and keys, not to mention your credit cards, ID and smartphone.

To carry all that stuff, most runners turn to running backpacks which are small and sleek offer just enough space for the essentials. The best running backpacks are definitely bounce-free and sweat-resistant, which is optimal for carrying around tech products.

Get the Best in Fitness Accessories

Whether it’s the start of a new year or the end of a training cycle, your fitness gear should help you reach the goals and PRs you’re after. To find big savings on the best jump ropes, handheld smartphone sleeves and running backs, head to gearbeast.com.