4 Unexpected Reasons You’re Sore

4 Unexpected Reasons You’re Sore

Even if you stretch after every workout, go to yoga regularly, and take rest days, you’re still sore. Why? There are a lot of sneaky reasons and here are four of them.

Your muscles and body are dehydrated

Hearing that you need to drink water over and over again is boring. But getting in the habit of drinking enough water is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do for your health. Throw out the old “eight glasses a day rule,” the new rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces. And add 20 ounces if you exercise.

You’ve been sitting too much

Commuting to work, sitting at work, commuting home, and being too tired to do anything. In this day and age, we sit a lot. Try to reverse the trend by adding in walking breaks during your workday, standing and stretching, or even a walking meeting with a co-worker. Whatever you can do to get up out of your seat is great.

You’re not sleeping enough

If you aren’t clocking in enough hours of R&R, you’re never fully getting into repair mode for your muscles and connective tissue. Consider skipping your 6 am workout a few times a week to build in an extra two hours of sleep. After all, without being well-rested, your workouts aren’t as beneficial.

You’re overtraining

It is okay to take it slow. Working up to you goal is more important than pushing yourself too hard, too quick, and facing injury. So slow down! You will reach your goals.