5 Reasons Why a Phone Armband is Essential for Your Workout

5 Reasons Why a Phone Armband is Essential for Your Workout

Come January, it’s time to work off all the Christmas cookies and that means getting serious about fitness. Whether you’ve decided to get into running, weightlifting, hiking or even walking, your smartphone can be an effective tool for keeping you on track toward your goals.

One of the best ways to keep your phone handy during any type of workout is by putting it in a sports armband, which typically wraps around one of your biceps and has a variety of features that allow you to conveniently use your device while keeping it out of the way and still protected.

Here are five reasons why a sports armband is just as critical to your workout as a water bottle, tennis shoes or anything else that goes into your gym bag.

#1 It Makes Your Music Easy to Play and Control

If you like to jam out to your favorite tunes while hitting the elliptical or pumping out pullups, you’re definitely on to something. Listening to music while you work out has been proven time and again to help improve peoples’ experience in the gym.

Studies show that music helps people perform up to 15% better and distracts them from the burn that comes from pushing their bodies to the limit.

The best phone armbands allow you to connect your headphones easily through a jack or via bluetooth and have ultra-sleek screen protectors that let you seamlessly play deejay without breaking a sweat.

#2 It Keeps Your Workout Plan Front and Center

Having a plan in the gym is the easiest way to get your workouts done efficiently as well as measure progress, which is probably the most important motivational tool for achieving your fitness goals.

Unfortunately, over 42% of people quit their New Year’s fitness resolutions because they have trouble following their workout plans.

Smartphones are perfect for finding plans that are manageable for when life gets in the way, and sports armbands help give you quick access to the best workout apps such as Pear, Map My Fitness and Couch to 5k, among others, so you can track your times, sets and reps and personal records on the spot and make adjustments in the heat of the moment.

#3 It Helps You Find Your Way

If you’re an adventuresome type and like to run and hike outside, maps and other navigational tools are essential for those times you make a wrong turn or see an interesting path you want to follow but are unsure where it leads.

Sports armbands give you complete access to all the features of your phone so you can rest assure that if you get lost along the way, you have all the tools necessary to get back to familiar surroundings.

#4 It Keeps You Connected

For many people, the gym is their safe haven from the pressures of work and life’s stresses. It’s a place where they actually try to get away from their phones rather than have it close by.

But let’s face it, the more hyper-connected the world becomes, the more important it is to stay in the loop as much as possible. Sports armbands let you screen calls, text messages and emails so you can still be unavailable for the low-priority tasks, but able to move the needle when you absolutely have to.

#5 It Can Help You MAKE Connections

You know that person you’ve been sharing look-away glances with for weeks who just gave you a smile from the squat rack? Time to ask for a phone number, flex those muscles and enter it into your smartphone.

Have you met a potential networking contact while waiting for a machine or on the treadmill? Don’t miss an opportunity to exchange contact info right on the spot.

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