Local 5K Races & The 6 Surprises You Might Encounter

Local 5K Races & The 6 Surprises You Might Encounter

Running is one of the most easily accessible forms of exercise- all you do is lace up your sneakers and go. 5Ks are one of the easiest options for beginning your running and racing career. The best part is that you can run 3 miles a day for weeks, or even months, and still be surprised on race day.

Here are 6 surprises I wish someone had told me before I ran a 5K.

You’ll Run Fast - When that gun pops and the crowd races over the start line, you’ll certainly feel a rush of adrenaline. Running with hundreds of other people is more exciting than your daily lonesome jogs. This rush can push you to run faster. You’ll realize when you arrive at the 3-mile marker quicker, and you’ll probably feel more tired than you expected. Knowing that the rush of the race could propel you to push yourself is something everyone should know and anticipate. It’s great.

You Won’t Run Straight - This might sound like a no-brainer to most, but as you pass people you will zig-zag. Most people run in a straight line, saving the dodging for the random puddle or pothole in the road. In a race, you will find yourself scooting around people, which means quick lateral movements.

You’ll Encounter Bodily Fluids - This is not the nicest topic, but tons of people spit as they run. And it can be gross. This can motivate you to run faster and pass people… So they don’t spit on you!

You’ll Need A Zippered Pocket - Perhaps another no-brainer, but if you race alone, you’ll need to carry a key (car or house) somehow. Many race shorts, tights, and tops include small zippered pockets to hold something for you while you exercise; definitely invest in one.

Your Phone Might Die If you plan on using your phone for music make sure to fully charge it. Many runners put it on silent or do not disturb to prevent notifications from disturbing your run.

You’ll Make Friends - Most people are solely focused on running but will be pleasantly surprised to find that they meet and talk to new people before and after the race. Everyone is thrilled to be running and cheer each other on.