Cell Phone Lanyards: The Hottest Trend of the New Year

Cell Phone Lanyards: The Hottest Trend of the New Year

If you started the new year off with a phone upgrade, you’ve probably been scouring the internet looking for the latest accessories that will not only keep your device at-the-ready when you need it but also safe from being lost or damaged. Of course, a little fashion statement would be icing on the cake, too.

Well, it seems everyone is talking about Gear Beast smartphone lanyards, one of the hottest products on the market today.

Designed with your daily life in mind, smartphone lanyards are a very cost-effective solution that allow you to be hands-free anytime, anywhere. They tether your phone around your neck, so you can have it available to check your shopping list, take a quick text message or even play a few rounds of your favorite game without having to dig around your bag or search your pockets for your phone.

Gear Beast offers one of the best selections of styles tailored for a variety of lifestyles, so you can relax knowing that your phone is conveniently on hand and secure -- and that you look good wearing it.

Let’s take a closer look and find out what everyone is talking about.

Free Up Some Precious Pocket Space

Smartphones usually share precious pocket space with other personal items such as keys, wallets and cash, and there’s nothing worse than pulling out your phone only to have a slew of other pocket items trail out with it and scatter every which way. Sure, a bag is one solution, but carrying one of those around everywhere has its own problems.

Another, more streamlined solution is the Gear Beast smartphone lanyard with a pocket attached to it. These lanyards fit just about any size smartphone with or without a case and feature a small pocket that’s perfect for stashing an ID, credit card, wad of cash or even a house key.

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Trends

Not all mobile devices are created equally, and one of the newest trends in smartphone design is to feature a camera lens right in the center, as opposed to the traditional off-center placement.

One of the most cutting-edge smartphone lanyards is the Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Web Lanyard, which not only accommodates smartphones with this design feature, but also features a wallet pocket and a breakaway clasp that allows you to detach from the lanyard in an instant.

Plus, the one-size-fits-all webbing system supplies an unmatched combination of versatility and safe-keeping, so you can mix and match accessories for when you want to use a pop socket, or want to customize with one of Gear Beast’s stylish ribbon lanyards . And yes, you should totally go glam with a glittery lanyard!

New Phone, New You

If you’ve got a new phone, it’s only fitting to deck it out with the best in smartphone accessories, and lanyards are one of the most popular products of the new year. Gear Beast smartphone lanyards offer the best combination of convenience and cost-effectiveness, so whether you’re on the go, in the office or simply relaxing, you can go hands-free without breaking the bank.

Plus, with a variety of styles and designs, you can keep your phone functional, safe and secure while looking fashionable in the process.

To check out the newest products and find the latest deals, head over to gearbeast.com.