Gear Beast Gripkick Adds The ''Smart'' To Smartphone Grips

Gear Beast Gripkick Adds The ''Smart'' To Smartphone Grips


BOSTON (April 2020) – Fingers are great for many things, but as everyone who has dropped their phone knows - fingers aren’t perfect. That’s why Gear Beast, the smartest way to accessorize your phone, created the GripKick - a universal smartphone accessory that gives your fingers an assist when holding or using your phone.

“Over 90% of people drop their phone at least one a month,” states Jonathan Magasanik, co-founder of Gear Beast. “Being a ‘dropper’, myself makes this an indispensable product, as the cost of replacing a phone or screen can be quite expensive and time consuming.”

The GripKick is a sleeker, stylish and more stable way to hold your phone to ensure you capture that perfect selfie or precious moment. The proprietary design allows you to easily hold your phone and keep your hands free for other activities. Carry your phone, coffee, books or a laptop without fear of dropping or losing your phone. It also has a hidden kickstand for those times that you want to stream or binge watch your favorite shows.

Not content to just solve the problems of how consumers hold and access their phones, Gear Beast dedicated additional attention to designing the GripKick to be both easier and more comfortable to use. “Having used other products, we didn’t want customers to resort to having to squeeze the post of a pop-up type product to hold their phone,” explains Magasanik. “As such, we developed a passive solution that really allows the phone to rest in your hand rather than needing to be held.”

The ergonomically designed surfboard shape GripKick follows the natural curve and position of your hand which allows the phone to rest in your hand rather than have to be held. The Perfect-Fit design smooths the GripKick edges for a slim feel that keeps it from catching when inserting or removing it from a pocket or purse.

Created for everyday use, the GripKick is perfect for anyone who wants to get a better grip on their phone and wants to equip their device for hands-free viewing. GripKick has got your (phone’s) back!

The product has a suggested retail price of $9.99 and includes a one-year warranty. For more information on the GripKick and other Gear Beast products, please visit

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