​Hack Your Grocery Store Trip with a Smartphone Lanyard

​Hack Your Grocery Store Trip with a Smartphone Lanyard

Even though going grocery shopping is a task that usually ends up on the list of errands, it’s not exactly the same kind of chore as scrubbing the shower tiles. With its delectable selection of fresh fruits, choicest cuts of meat and endless jars of pickled veggies, the supermarket contains all the possibilities of everyone’s mealtime dreams.

Yet, going to the market unprepared and unorganized is a recipe for disaster, and while smartphones have transformed the shopping list, there’s nothing worse than frantically fumbling around your bag searching for your phone when you find out there are ten different kinds of tomatoes available.

The savviest grocery shoppers, though, don’t have that problem. They take shopping lists on their mobile devices to the next level by going hands-free with smartphone lanyards flexible enough to go anywhere but inside their bags – around their necks, attached to a strap and even hooked to a belt loop, among others – making it easy for shoppers to stay connected even as they drift into the clouds as they pass the bakery section.

Improve Your Decision-Making Process Aisle by Aisle

As shoppers increasingly want to know more and more about what their food contains and where it comes from, research indicates that retailers have responded with improved online platforms to accommodate the customer’s needs.

In fact, one study found that digital interactions influence over half of all the revenue that brick and mortar stores take in and reported that almost 60% of customers research and compare product information on the fly as they’re shopping.

While many phone accessories are designed to make phone access quick and easy, the truth is that far too many look and feel clunky and are made so cheaply that it seems like the device might fall out at any moment.

The best smartphone lanyards however, are made of sleek, secure and flexible material that can be counted on to help shoppers conveniently view product reviews, source their origin and even check out ingredients with ease and efficiency.

Optimize Your Own Digital Experience

Grocery store app developers often spend millions of dollars creating software that’s supposed to make people’s lives easier at the market, but practically speaking, isn’t it a glaring problem that they leave shoppers one-handed as they squeeze avocados?

The thing is apps really can make grocery shopping more efficient and cost-effective, especially when the right phone accessories are being used.

Smartphone lanyards can help consumers better access top apps such as Grocery Pal, which allows users to find the best deals at local markets according to their grocery lists, and Cellfire, which features the ability to store loyalty program information, so people can save money without having to pull out a separate card.

While the right smartphone lanyard is an inexpensive way to accessing all your favorite grocery store apps, the benefits don’t end there; it also allows people to move through checkout lines more quickly by allowing them to easily take advantage of the latest mobile pay technology.

Even if you run into a chip reader, the best lanyards feature a convenient pocket on the back of the phone where you can keep debit, credit or ID cards.

Looking for the Right Smartphone Lanyard?

With smartphone lanyards being one of the hottest trends in phone accessories, it’s easy to get confused by the array of options available that will ultimately fall short of your expectations. Gear Beast smartphone lanyards offer the perfect combination of quality, style, security and affordability, so you can go hands-free not just in the grocery store, but wherever you need quick access to your mobile device.Check out our latest looks at GearBeast.com