Morning  Jogging: How to be a Morning Runner

Morning Jogging: How to be a Morning Runner

So maybe you’re not a morning person. The thought of setting your alarm for before 8 AM is unsettling. But with busy work days and the extreme Summer heat, the only time you have to run lately has been in the mornings. If you are running less than you want to, consider changing the time of day that you run. Changing your schedule can play a remarkable role in your overall success

Here are 8 tips to becoming a morning runner…

  1. Tell yourself the night before that you WILL wake up and run. No exceptions! Hold yourself accountable.
  2. Lay out your clothes, shoes, and running gadgets the night before. If they are the first thing you see in the morning, you are less likely to chicken out. If you can, sleep in your exercise clothes!
  3. Set multiple alarms. You’re less likely to fall back asleep with an alarm blasting every few minutes.
  4. Go to sleep early. Don’t stay up late binge watching your favorite show- it can wait. Get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Start slowly. Gradually set your alarms earlier and earlier every morning, until you are waking up at right time. This will make waking up early easier.
  6. Stay with it, even on the weekends. It is so much harder to get your body into a rhythm if you wake up at 5:30 AM on weekdays, but 9:30 AM on weekends.
  7. Remember why you started. Remember your goals. What is more important, 45 minutes of sleep or achieving your goals?
  8. You are only one workout away from a good mood. It’s true! Exercising in the mornings can make you more productive, happy, and even eat healthier.

No more excuses. Get up and go run!