New Collection Introduced for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

New Collection Introduced for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Gear Beast Unites Breast Cancer Awareness and Conscious Shopping

Boston, MA - (October 2018) Gear Beast, the mobile accessories innovators, is proud to support Breast Cancer Awareness as October kicks off the month-long international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities. This year, Gear Beast is joining the cause by donating 100% of their profits from the SHOP PINK collection to help support the fight against breast cancer.

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month is something that hits home to so many of us.” Says Jonathan Magasanik, co-founder of Gear Beast. “We all know someone who’s been touched by this major health concern, and Gear Beast is proud to support women and families going through the struggle of cancer.”

The brand’s SHOP PINK collection includes many phone accessories that are perfect for all Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities. From lanyards to wallets, Gear Beast has something functional and handy for everyone. The Universal Smartphone Lanyards are perfect to use during breast cancer walks or marathons in order to take pictures to capture memories or to remain hands-free while on the move.

Gear Beast’s recent product lines feature phone cases that function as wallets to keep everything you need in one place. They are great for transporting and safekeeping your most important cards. The wallets feature many slots including a transparent ID pocket. No need to carry a bulky phone case or an additional wallet anymore, making this all-in-one product easy and convenient.

“We wanted to create products that make life a little bit easier for anyone who is on-the-go and prefers having their phone and wallet within reach,” adds Magasanik. “The fun designs and patterns that we have to offer are customizable and stylish so users can proudly carry a product they find convenient.”

Gear Beast Universal Stick-On Card Wallets and Smartphone Lanyards are compatible with nearly all smartphones, attaching easily and securely. The SHOP PINK collection will be available during the whole month of October. Prices of the various products range from $9.99 to $19.99.

About Gear Beast:

Gear Beast products are “the smartest way to hold your phone”. The company manufactures solutions to help consumers live their daily lives while interacting with their phone with ease. In addition to card wallets, Gear Beast offers smartphone lanyards, phone grips and stands, wallet cases, and a variety of fitness accessories. Gear Beast products can be purchased online at and on e-commerce sites and retailers such as Amazon, and

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