Shopping during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Shopping during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Shopping during the Covid 19 Pandemic has taken on a whole new meaning for most people.  Many have opted out of visiting stores and are now shopping online making use of Couriers like FEDEX or UPS for delivery.

FedEx Adds 1,900 New Lightweight, Fuel Efficient Vehicles to Fleet

For other categories like groceries, many have made use of delivery servcies like Shipt or Doordash, Uber Eats, InstaCart and others.

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But have you ever wondered how these companies are so efficient?  Like most things it is having the right tools to succeed.  And for many of them their top tool is the Gear Beast Smartphone Lanyard!

Used by Whole Foods, InstaCart and Shipt workers, these Smartphone Lanyards allow them to work hands free while keeping their phone readily accessible!

The Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap keeps your phone secure and accessible at all times. Not only great for food shopping, it is the perfect solution for sports fans, concert goers, teachers, students, hikers, seniors, travelers or anyone who wants easy access to their cell phone. 

When used in conjunction with a Shopping list, it makes it easy to get what you need despite the gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment many of us are wearing today!