Smartphone Lanyards Protect Your Phone Like No Other Accessory

Smartphone Lanyards Protect Your Phone Like No Other Accessory

Ever drop your phone and watch it shatter into a few different pieces? The battery goes in one direction, the back flies off in another, and the screen -- well, we all know the fate of that poor screen. It isn’t pretty and typically costs about a hundred bucks to fix.

Or how about that feeling of panic that rushes to your chest when your phone falls between that crevice between the driver’s seat and center console? Equal parts annoying and anxiety-inducing, especially if you need your phone for directions.

Of course, there’s no shortage of scenarios where your phone is at risk of being broken, misplaced or even stolen, and that’s why some of the smartest people use a smartphone lanyard to keep tabs on their devices.

The best thing about smartphone lanyards is that not only are they extremely cost-effective, they help prevent the same mistakes from happening over and over. You simply attach your smartphone to the lanyard, put it around your neck, and say goodbye to your butter-fingered, forgetful past.

Here are some of the most common scenarios and places where the best smartphone lanyard can save the day.

You’re Grooving at a Concert or Music Festival

Your favorite band is on stage just 50 feet away. What an experience! As your favorite song queues up, you reach for your phone to snap a photo -- and the guy next to you suddenly gets really into the song and starts dancing like he was possessed by Tina Turner.

As his arms flail wildly, he knocks your phone out of your hand, and instead of clanging against the ground and being stomped on by the head bangers in the mosh pit, it swings mildly after hitting your six-pack (even if it is just in the cooler). Heck, with the right smartphone lanyard, you can even get your robot on yourself!

You’re at a Big Game...and Your Team is Getting Creamed

Sure, it would be easy to talk about how going hands-free with a smartphone lanyard would be useful when your team scores touchdowns so often that you pull a shoulder muscle high-fiving the whole section, but they’re actually even more useful when your team is laying a big, fat egg.

Think about it, when the blind referee makes yet another terrible call, you need all the hands-free moments possible to pull off the combo of the what-the-heck arm posture to the head-in-hands move.

Plus, blowout mode is prime selfie time, and having your phone at the ready to snap your sad face is a must for proof that you are a true fan because you stayed until the very last horrible second.

Not to mention, the best smartphone lanyards come with wallets attached to them, so you can more conveniently wash your sorrows in a $10 beer or bucket of nachos. Go team!

Gear Beast Smartphone Lanyards are Innovative and Cost-Effective

Of course, concerts and ballgames are just a couple places where your mobile device is susceptible to danger. Anytime, anywhere, your phone seems to be looking for an opportunity to crash to the floor or find a thief’s hands.

But rather than focus on the negatives, smartphone lanyards offer way more convenience than simple phone safety. They hands-down give you one of the quickest ways to access your phone wherever you are.

Plus, they cost a fraction of the over-the-top cases that do protect your phone, but are designed like cinder blocks. Check out all of our best smartphone lanyards at