The Gear Beast Ultimate Gift Guide

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and while you may have done the bulk of your buying on Black Friday, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can really be a month-long affair. Not to mention those of us who MAY have left part of our list until the last minute. Don’t worry! We’ve set you up with the Gear Beast Ultimate Gift Guide:

For all your stocking stuffers and holiday gift exchanges, Gear Beast offers a wide range of highly sought-after smartphone accessories that are unlike any on the market today; they’re sleek, affordable and life-changing -- perhaps not in the way that brings peace on Earth, but definitely in the way they help people conveniently stay connected anytime and anywhere.

If you’re still looking for that statement gift that won’t break the bank, here are a few ideas that are sure to wow even the grouchiest Grinch.

For Mom

By far, the hardest person to shop for is the Superwoman in your life. Really, what do you get someone who can ride out a daily tornado and still sport a perfect top knot?

Well, time and again, moms across the country have raved about the Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard -- (link: especially the ones featuring a clasp that allows them to remove their phones from the ribbon around their neck quickly and cleanly.

Gear Beast lanyards are fashionable and intuitive, so mom can go hands-free with her mobile device instantly, allowing her to more efficiently plan play dates on the spot, check her grocery list at the market and stay in the loop while getting her nails done.

A little over $10, it’s a small price to pay for making mom’s life a little easier, and while it may seem like you have to spend more simply out of principal, this thought really will count.

For the Boys

While smartphones changed how people communicate and find information, they also disrupted the pockets of men everywhere. In simpler times, all guys had to carry was a wallet that went in a back pocket, with maybe some keys and loose change jangling in one of the fronts.

When smartphones became another item that had to be carried everywhere, women seemed to manage the change a little easier -- they were accustomed to the burden of a purse that carried anything and everything.

Men, on the other hand, were saddled with things like the belt loop holder -- an unsightly solution that may or may not come from the fanny-pack family.

While the best smartphone accessory companies have worked hard to find a better answer, Gear Beast went above and beyond to create a smartphone wallet that’s not only stylish, sleek and functional, but also folds into a secure smartphone viewing stand.

For Dad

Dad will especially appreciate the CFMW Top View Phone Case/Wallet, which conveniently keeps the wallet and phone case features independent of each other, so he can have a well-protected mobile device without having to open his wallet to look at text messages or answer phone calls.

New wallets and TV functionality all in one gift under $15? Sure, there’s no beer tap on it, but the men in your life will be drunk with newly-found holiday cheer!

For the Co-workers

Holiday gift exchanges at the office party are a time-honored tradition that are equal parts fun-filled and anxiety-ridden.

While it’s always better to be enjoying pizza and punch with your co-workers rather than stamping envelopes with them, finding gifts for people you pretty much know on the surface is very challenging. Everyone knows the goal here is to spend as little as possible while looking as thoughtful as possible.

Well, Gear Beast has you covered for whatever tastes your Secret Santa has.

For co-workers with an active lifestyle, check out the smartphone bike mounts, a great gift that can help turn their phone into a GPS system while riding, or the waterproof smartphone arm band, perfect for the swimmer, surfer or paddle boarder.

For the fashion-forward co-workers, the genuine leather wallet case makes a big statement. It’s around $20, but that’s a small investment toward the next time you need a shift covered.

And for the white elephant gag gift? Hit up Walgreens and grab one of those belt loop phone holders. With all the other great solutions out there these days, that’s sure to get a big laugh well into the new year.

For the Rest of the Clan

Gear Beast offers a large selection of useful smartphone products that make perfect holiday gifts for loved ones, co-workers and anyone else on your shopping list!

Just think about how a Universal Smartphone Lanyard can keep grandma and grandpa more connected in case of an emergency, or how a Deluxe Sports Armband can help push the runner in your life to new heights.

All throughout the season, we’re have a huge holiday sale where you can get up to 70% on some of our hottest items. Unwrap all the deals at Happy Holidays!