The Trendiest Smartphone Accessories for Your Next Trip

Your phone is one of the best travel companions, perfect for handling the thrill and unpredictability of being in new places. It provides you with maps, a camera to capture your journey, web access to share your Insta-Stories and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re never quite out of the loop from work or your social circle.

In essence, it’s practically your tour guide wherever you go, and with the right smartphone accessories, you can have five-star perks anywhere you roam on the globe.

Outfit Your Mobile Device with the Right Products to Maximize Portability

The Gear Beast TopView Smartphone Wallet Case and the Universal Smartphone Grip are two of the most innovative and strategic products to pack for your trip, as both offer a newfound convenience and efficiency to your mobile device’s already robust capabilities.

The wallet case is a protective outer casing that has a durable, leather, fold-over wallet built into the back. It’s perfect for storing cash and cards, all while leaving you’re your phone screen visible, so you can have instant access to apps, calls and text messages and still keep your most important items secure, yet convenient.

The smartphone grip accessory provides a strong and steady hold, especially good when taking photographs or navigating with onscreen maps. It the ideal solution for when you’re capturing sweeping vistas for your favorite social media platform, climbing mountain peaks or winding your way through a bustling city.

Both the smartphone wallet case and grip accessory come with a kickstand that can help you set up a timed selfie or even binge-watch your favorite shows as you kill time in the hotel.

The Best Smartphone Accessories Get You Off the Beaten Path

Naturally, if you’re going to have the trendiest smartphone accessories, you probably don’t want to head to the same old places. I mean, how many times can you do Time Square? Here are three unique travel ideas that will let you use your new smartphone grip or wallet case to help you discover new adventures.

#1 -- Backpacking at Glacier National Park

Every ounce of weight counts on a backpacking expedition. Instead of tossing your normal wallet into your pack or storing important cards and cash separately, it’s better not to risk losing it. Glacier National Park is a beautiful park with over 700 miles of trails that wind through gorgeous lakes and the Rocky Mountains. You won’t need much money roaming through the wilderness, but at least you’ll know yours is safely secure in your smartphone wallet.

#2 -- Sightseeing in the Streets of Tokyo

To say that Tokyo is a big city is an understatement, and between navigating the train system and finding the best hole-in-the-wall ramen spots, you’ll need your smartphone grip more than ever -- it will keep you from dropping your mobile device as you browse maps, get translations and read reviews.

#3 -- Cycling wine tour in the French countryside

For good reason, Americans rave about Napa and Sonoma wines, but in France, they’ve been perfecting the drink for centuries. One of the best ways to experience some of the most delicate versions of your favorite styles of wine is to get a bike and ride through the French countryside.

Whether you choose Bordeaux, Burgundy or Alsace, you’ll be happy you paired your wine tour with a TopView Smartphone Wallet Case, perfect for using as not only a place to store your ID, but also as a makeshift GPS device. That alone is worth a toast!

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