Universal Lanyard: The Handiest Hands-Free Phone Accessory

Universal Lanyard: The Handiest Hands-Free Phone Accessory


Keep your phone and belongings closer than ever with the multi-functional smartphone accessory.

LOS ANGELES (July 17, 2018) – All phone users are aware of the risks and frustrations that come with fumbling, dropping, or losing their device. Gear Beast, one of the leading smartphone accessory companies, offers a product that was designed specifically to combat these everyday occurrences that frustrate almost all consumers. The company is best known for the smartphone lanyards that were created to give users with busy, active lifestyles the ability to carry their phone handsfree during any activity. Gear Beast offers a range of phone-centric products, including stands and grips, card holders, wallet cases, and fitness bands, all of which are made to be exceptionally user-friendly, stylish, and compatible for any and every smartphone user.

The Universal Smartphone Lanyard features a comfortable strap that hangs from the wearer’s neck with a supportive grip for the phone at the end. The back of the lanyard grip also has a card slot which fits things like credit cards, business cards, IDs, and cash. Nearly all smartphones, with or without a case, can fit into the lanyard grip which measures 6.75 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide and is detachable from the necklace. This product is offered in a wide variety of colors and designs and the price varies by style. The simplest design of the Universal Smartphone Lanyard is sold for $9.99 and includes a one-year manufacturer warranty.

“Gear Beast is committed to providing products that make our customers’ lives easier and more convenient,” says Jonathan Magasanik, co-founder of Gear Beast. “The Universal Smartphone Lanyard was created with a wide variety of active individuals in mind. Whether you’re a nurse, parent, sports fan, student, or all of the above, the lanyard was created for you.”

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About Gear Beast:

Gear Beast is a company that is built upon the idea of defying limits. The company provides the products and tools to help consumers live their most active, free lives without the distraction or management of a smartphone. Some of these products include phone stands, grips, cases, wallets, and a variety of fitness accessories for running, biking, and trips to the gym. Gear Beast products can be purchased online at https://gearbeast.com/ and on several e-commerce sites and retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

For more information on Gear Beast, please visit https://gearbeast.com/ or follow Gear Beast on Facebook and Twitter