Win Over Your Valentine with the Perfect Smartphone Gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow or simply want to give someone you care about a token of your appreciation, there are plenty of gift options that go beyond the same old chocolates, jewelry and flowers.

The thing is, even though all the commercials will have you believe that you should adorn your Valentine with expensive gifts, the truth is, most people are happy with presents that show your thoughtfulness, no matter the cost.

Gear Beast has a wide range of practical gifts that can suit anyone’s lifestyle, such as smartphone lanyards, running backpacks and other types of accessories for your mobile device, so read on to find out which ones your Valentine might love.

For the Fitness Guru

Help the workout fanatic in your life up their game and stay inspired with the Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Fitness and Running Backpack.

Designed with top-notch performance in mind, this running backpack not only makes taking your mobile device convenient when headed out for a run or to the gym, it also features a slot for headphone cords and fits additional items like keys and wallet items -- all while being lightweight and easy to carry.

You might also consider Deluxe Sports Armband another cost-effective fitness tool that keeps your smartphone handy whenever you need to hear your motivational playlists or stay more connected in the gym.

For the Travel Enthusiast

Anyone bitten by the travel bug knows that traveling light and efficiently is the way to go. Even though you hate to see them go (but love to watch them leave), help your Valentine stash credit cards, identification, cash, train tickets or anything else they need to carry with them safely and securely with the TopView Smartphone Wallet Case.

This particular wallet case is rugged and protective, but keeps the screen visible and even converts into a phone stand, so when they miss your face, a video call is just a couple clicks away.

For the Professional

Career-focused people are busy, busy, busy with reports to write-up, meetings to attend and ladders to climb, so help them manage it all with the Universal Smartphone Grip. The smartphone grip is perfect for keeping their phone securely on hand as they walk from one end of the building to the next, handling problems and finding solutions so products ship, ship, ship!

Plus, the smartphone grip comes with a cool kickstand, so they can stop anywhere and take video calls from clients, the boss or even the honey they’re breadwinning for.

For You Little Scatterbrain

As much we love our Valentines, it’s always annoying to have to wait for them to find their keys, ID, wallet, etc. when we’re all ready to head out the door.

If you want to make that movie start or dinner reservation on time, you might consider getting your partner a

Universal Smartphone Lanyard.

Smartphone lanyards are one of the hottest phone accessories out there because not only do they help people keep tabs on the essential items they need when they’re on the go, but they also let you go hands-free in a fashionable way.

In fact, Gear Beast smartphone lanyards come in a variety of colors, fits and designs so you can be sure to fit your Valentine’s style, whether they’re quirky, conservative, glam or clean-cut.

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