Walk Before You Run

Posted by Gear Beast on 6th Sep 2017

Running is beneficial exercise for the entire body. When you learn of how great it is for your overall health, there’s no doubt about starting to run. What are the prerequisites before starting to run? It certainly helps to walk and then run. Why? The answer is that walking helps warm up the body and prepare it for running. If you start running as soon as you begin your exercise regime, you may get muscle cramps or tired too quickly. Walking for your health is simple, free, and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose some weight, and overall become healthier.

To get the best effects of running, walk for about 15 minutes prior. This will prepare your whole body for taking the pressure and demands of running.

Benefits of Walking Before Running

  1. Get used to the ground. If you walk before you run, you will know if there are any surface problems on the ground (like potholes, pebbles, etc.).
  2. Warm up. Whenever we do any exercise we have to warm up our entire body so that we do not get any jerks from sudden exercise. Walking for around 15 minutes will make sure all your body parts are ready for the strain of running.
  3. Avoid muscle cramps. When we walk and then run, we help our body avoid getting muscle cramps which happen mostly because of sudden jerks or exercises done without proper warm up.
  4. Proper clothes. If you first walk and then run you will quickly know the outside temperature and you can return home to change or grab extra clothes if necessary. If you dive right into your run, you may get exposed to cold or suffer from excess sweating.
  5. Aggregating thoughts. Walking is a good way to collect all your thoughts of the day.
  6. Get together. One major benefit of walking before running is that you may schedule your early morning get togethers with friends and neighbors. A good run should be at a pace where you cannot hold a conversation. So walking will serve dual purposes: getting warmed up for running as well as getting to know the latest news from your friends.