What Do Gear Beast Employees Say About Our Products?

What Do Gear Beast Employees Say About Our Products?

Here at Gear Beast, while we’re committed to providing the masses with new and innovative smartphone products that help them stay better connected anytime and anywhere, we also take great care to make sure our team stands by the merchandise that they help create, develop and sell.

Let’s catch up with Brianna, an active, driven and very valuable member of our marketing department.

Hi Brianna, thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

You’re welcome! Any chance to talk about our awesome smartphone products is time well spent.

Tell us a little bit about yourself -- what are some of your favorite things to do?

I work on the Gear Beast marketing team and live on the sunny West Coast. I love to hike near the mountains, ride my beach cruiser around the boardwalk, cook new recipes and, of course, shop!

What are your favorite Gear Beast products?

I’m obsessed with the Gear Beast Smartphone Lanyards and the Stick-On Folio Wallets. I didn’t realize how much I needed the smartphone wallets until I used one for the first time.

I quickly realized how much time I spent digging through my purse to find my cards and wallet every single day. My phone, however, is always in immediate reach, so keeping a slim wallet attached to my phone made life shockingly more convenient.

The smartphone lanyards instantly hack so many life situations; cooking in the kitchen, I usually use my phone to reference the recipe or as cook timer. Keeping my phone close by is way easier with a lanyard that’s around my neck, yet out of the way.

I also find it’s the easiest, most secure way to keep my phone close during nail appointments at the salon. I can simply drop it or pick it back up as my hands become available and don’t have to worry about it slipping in the water. Yes, this has happened!

I also love the Gear Beast Universal Bike Mounts for cruising around on bike rides -- no more pulling over to dig for my phone when I feel it vibrate. I can easily and clearly see who’s calling, texting or emailing and can even view GPS easily, which is mission critical!

Wow, so it sounds like you use Gear Beast Products a lot!

Oh, for sure. Gear Beast smartphone products are a part of almost every experience I have that involves my cell phone. In the grocery store, I keep my favorite smartphone lanyard in my purse for when I need to quickly read my shopping list or reference a recipe, but still need my hands free for gathering items and pushing the cart.

I use the Gear Beast Bike Mount whenever I use my bike, and can’t imagine going back to a normal wallet. I even use the Waterproof Marine Bag when I’m going out on my kayak and am going to take it camping at Kern River soon. For any situation where you need to keep your phone accessible and secure -- there’s a Gear Beast product that can make it happen.

You sound like you would use the products even if you didn’t work the company. Tell us, how do you like working for Gear Beast?

I love it. I get such a kick out of doing my part to help an ever-evolving mobile solutions brand continually strive to create innovative products that help people enhance their lifestyles by keeping them fully connected – but hands free.

Plus, our leading-edge designs are appealing for both function and fashion, and with an intense focus on quality, we offer one of the best warranty programs in the industry.

Those are the kinds of things that make Gear Beast products so different from other options out there. Our design team truly thinks through the needs and inconveniences of our customer community and then works diligently until they find the best solutions.

A lot of these inconveniences are issues that users have become way too accustomed to, and our customers often talk about how refreshing it is to come across something that has actually made their lives easier.

At the end of the day, we are led by an entrepreneurial team that’s committed to continually developing new smartphone products that solve every day inconveniences so people can live better, freer lives. It’s great to work for a company that has such focus on growth and customer service. Our customers are really the cornerstone of our company.

Nice -- that’s really is refreshing. So, for people who aren’t too familiar with Gear Beast, what’s the must-have product?

I can only choose one?


Wow, that’s tough. There are so many! I would say for someone who hasn’t tried any of our products, the slam dunk is the smartphone lanyard. Whether you like to travel, go to sporting events, shop, or simply lose and drop your phone more often than you should, smartphone lanyards are affordable little life-changers.

All right, last question. With the holidays right around the corner, are you eyeballing any Gear Beast products as gifts for family and friends?

Absolutely! Gear Beast products are great holiday gifts. Last year, I bought my mom the Gear Beast Running and Fitness back pack and she takes it everywhere -- hiking, to the gym and also when she’s riding her beach cruiser. She’s a preschool teacher, so she wears it out on the playground with her phone and first aid gear stashed conveniently inside, but out of the way so she can play, chase and keep an eye on the kids.

I also bought my aunt the braided smartphone lanyard, and she was so surprised at how comfortable it was around her neck, she’s buying several others to give out during her office’s gift exchange party.

This year, I’m thinking that my grandparents need the Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyards. My grandmother likes to garden, and has trouble making her way inside when the phone rings.

My friend is a nurse who could also use the germ-resistant silicone smartphone lanyard, so she can keep her phone close by, but completely out of the way during her rounds at the hospital.

For the men in my life, I’m planning on getting Gear Beast Smartphone Folio Wallets. Since they’re available in sizes for almost every phone type, I know this will be the perfect gift for going to games, golfing, traveling or attending tradeshows, meeting and concerts. The convenience of having a slim, but completely functional wallet attached to your phone keeps everything important in one place. Hopefully they don’t read this before we open gifts!

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