Floral Design Adjustable Universal Cell Phone Lanyard with Card Pocket TWO PACK

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Universal Smartphone Lanyard keeps your phone accessible at all times. The perfect solution keeps your hands free for sporting events, concerts, teachers, students, hikers, seniors, shopping, amusement parks, travelers so you don’t miss taking a photo or video of that perfect moment, important text message, notification, email or call.




The phone case holder is for anyone who has ever misplaced or dropped their phone while trying to remove it from their pocket, purse, backpack or bag. It’s also great for kids on the go. The swivel d-ring clip allows you to attach your keys and/or name badge as well.



Convenient Card Slot and ID Holder holds Credit Card, License, Access Card or Cash so you always have your essentials.



Custom Design Decorative Bead Lanyard to match your own personal style! They are available in a variety of trendy designs and colors.



Compatible with most phones up to 6.75 inches tall & 3.75 inches wide with or without a case. This is the perfect iPhone lanyard strap as it does not interfere with camera or controls. Phone holder may partially block cameras positioned in rear center of phone.


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  1. Love this product!!

    This product makes my life so much easier ......I have small hands and this allows me to hold on to my iPhone more securely. Being able to adjust the length of the strap is also great because I can have it be pretty long and my phone will be able to fit in my pocket or I can have it be short so it’s closer to my head and I can talk to Siri.

  2. Perfect for Seniors

    I am a senior who lives alone. I feel it is important to have my smartphone close at hand. Unfortunately most of my clothes do not have pockets. Therefore it is more convenient to have my smartphone on a lanyard. The lanyard has a very pleasing pattern and it fulfills my needs.