GearShield Universal Smartphone IPX8 Certified Floating Waterproof Bag (2 Pack)

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Product Description

GearDry TPU Float Case does what it says…keeps your GEAR DRY!

The Gear Beast GearDry TPU Float is the perfect waterproof dry bag for taking your phone to the pool, the beach, fishing, skiing, the waterpark or anywhere else your phone could be damaged by water, snow, dirt or other elements. This universal case accommodates all smartphones up to 5.7 inch diagonal and still has plenty of room to keep your ID, credit cards, wallet, money or other personal items secure, dry and clean.

Certified Waterproof and Designed to Keep Items Afloat

The GearDry waterproof dry bag is IPX8 certified waterproof to 10 feet so rest easy if junior accidentally (or intentionally) drops it in the pool. The secure seal and durable TPU waterproof materials will keep your phone and other items dry and protected. And with the SPECIALLY DESIGNED AIR FLOAT FEATURE, the case, and its contents, will stay at the surface for easy retrieval.

Protection without Limiting Access

Designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, the GearDry case is constructed of crystal clear waterproof TPU material that allows full touch screen access so that you can check emails, texts or surf the web. Need to keep up with the action? The clear front and back allows you to take pictures and videos without removing your phone from the waterproof case.

Designed for Convenience

When you do need your phone or other items you can access them in a snap! The innovative dual latch design is easy to open and close when you need to remove your items or securely seal them back up in a hurry. For further convenience, the case comes with a lanyard for hands free transport.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great buy!

    This is an awesome product! Keeps my phone dry while visiting the pool or water park. I would definitely recommend this to any potential buyer looking for a great protective case for the water.

  2. The rubber is superior to every single one of these we have

    We cruise a LOT and we always have 4-5 of these on hand so we can keep our stuff dry. This one flat out ROCKS. The rubber is superior to every single one of these we have. It's now my favorite. My husband put some paper in it and submerged in the bathroom sink to try it out. He left it there an hour. Not one drop of water came in. He does this with all of them when we first get them and they don't all pass the test. I did get this at a discount for my honest review, but this one passed the test with flying colors.

  3. Works really well! Floats, waterproof

    * Easy to follow, illustrated instructions
    * Excellent latch system and thick rubbery silicon(?) case
    * Clear case means you can continue to see and use (with limitations) your smartphone or device
    * Tested in the sink and it is indeed fully waterproof! Also floats as advertised
    * Included lanyard is a good length (not adjustable but can be knotted to fit smaller heads)

    * I ordered black (like the photo) but received all-clear, aside from the very top which was black. I like this better than the black but thought I'd mention it for others
    * I would love to see this in a neon / fluorescent yellow or orange, or with reflective tape for easier finding in case gets lost in water or at night (respectively)

    * The instructions were inside the case, so (not having used a waterproof case like this before) it took me a few moments to figure out how to unlatch the case before I could get to them...and read how to unlatch them. :-P Not a huge deal but the company should consider putting the instructions inside the packaging but OUTSIDE the case in future

    This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  4. this case is not for everyday use, you can ...

    this case is not for everyday use, you can text and take pictures but don't expect to be able to talk on it. If you're looking for a case to keep your phone safe if your going to be around water this one is for you

    -waterproof (I tested at home)
    -it floats
    -camera still works

    -none yet

    This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

  5. High Quaility Product!! Highly recommended!!!!!

    This case is absolutely amazing. I am constantly on the go with my phone. I actually work on my phone from home as well. But, I have a Galaxy S5 from Samsung so it has a lot of great features on it. The phone itself is supposed to be waterproof but I do not want to risk it. So, when I ordered this product I knew the possibilities were endless with it. It is super well made and very easy to use. I can just slip my phone in the bag when I go for my morning walk to take my son to school. I live in Oregon and everyone knows how much it rains here, so I always tuck it away in my jacket and cannot really use it because I do not want it to get wet. With this case you can easily use my phone through the case. I can still use the touch screen with no issues. Then I had a great idea, I can use it in the shower to listen to music with instead of leaving my phone in the window and barely hearing it. I also can take pictures underwater when my gets go to swim practice now too. Super excited about this product!! Highly recommended!!

  6. Buoyantly awesome!

    Purchased at a discount for an honest review: This waterproof case by GearDry is unique, to me at least. I got this because of all the camping/fishing I do and I have lost a phone in the lake before. This case is buoyant, no more drowned phones! I love that this phone can be used while still in the case, even taking pictures since front and back are clear. But it's easy open if you need access. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who works or relaxes near the water.