IPX8 Certified Waterproof Smartphone Case for Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus

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Keep your iPhone safe and dry!

The GearShield Sport is the perfect waterproof case for taking your phone to the pool, the beach, fishing, skiing or anywhere else where your iPhone could be damaged by water or the elements. Ultra-sleek and slim, this iPhone waterproof case is constructed of a shock proof Polycarbonate frame that is engineered to meet military specifications and is tested to withstand a 2 Meter (6.6 feet) drop.

Certified Waterproof without compromising touchscreen sensitivity

The fully sealed GearShield Sport is IP68 certified dust-proof and waterproof up to 6.6 feet (2 Meter) depth. That means your iPhone is protected from water, dirt, sand, snow, dust, frost and other elements that could damage your phone. The HD clear scratch resistant screen guard protects screen without compromising touch screen sensitivity.

Complete access to all iPhone buttons and controls

Specifically designed for the iPhone, this waterproof case provides complete access to all buttons and controls including volume, charging, headphone jack, home button, mute, power, etc.

Enhanced Photo, Video and Sound

Don’t sacrifice performance for protection. This case features a crystal clear antireflective optical lens that enables high-quality photos and video through the case as well as a sound enhancement design feature that allows for clear audio quality.

Everything you need included!

Package includes waterproof case, 3.5MM weatherproof headphone jack adapter, cleaning cloth and lanyard.

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iPhone 6s Plus Drop Proof and Waterproof Case Tested! (Gearshield Sport - Gear Beast) 05:57

Link to GearShield Sport Waterproof Case Only $35: https://fbit.co/18to Link to Case on Amazon $35: http://amzn.to/1Tiy04N Big thanks to Gear Beast for helping support GizmoSlip, though I keep my videos 100% honest and true. I refuse to upload content that isn't true to the test. So if you're in the market for a drop proof and waterproof case, this passed our tests quite well. This is particularly good considering that it only costs $35. I would love it if you wanted to follow me on Facebook and Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/gizmoslip http://www.twitter.com/gizmoslipblog Cheers!

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  1. Dirtest review ever!

    I went to a farm to table dinner tonight and wore jeans. I had my phone in my back pocket of my jeans (iPhone 6s plus). Went to use the porto let and heard a plunk, all I could think of was OH S_ _ T! Sure enough my phone was in the stinker. Lucky for me there was a worker at the event that dared to fish it out. He scrubbed it up and I took the phone case off (with gloves). I did not think it would possibly work after falling in to the black hole. Works perfect. Thank God I had a Gear Beast waterproof.

  2. Best service I've ever received

    I'm not getting paid to do this review, but I bought the case online and received it everything was perfect and just a little issue I had with it. I reached out to support and best customer service. Issue resolved and their sending me a new one. Regularly trying to get in touch with a company is near impossible. But I'll be recommending and buying products for my phone from here.

  3. Good case excellent for the price

    Very good solid case , very easy to put on.
    Will definitely recommend to my friends, also is not very bulky but feel very secure

  4. Pretty good case

    I got my case and was very happy with it. The only thing i was unhappy with is that none of my chargers fit inside the small slot for the charger to fit in. Other than that its a great and functional case. I'd definately choose this case over a lifeproof one. Especially for the price.

  5. Great quality, great price.

    I have had several different products, I need water protection as I'm in and outside a lot. The case is sturdy, the features are of sound quality, for example: the switch for the ringer is easy to use and smooth, the ports for the head phone has a proper seal on it, has the extension so easy to use safely outside, the port for the power is very secure it clicks in tightly, has not worn out or gotten sloppy the door is well built. Also the structure is so it won't fall apart, the rubber is embedded on the inside. Also the case does not interfere with sound and calls, I've had other cases which the calls got feedback, or the sound was very difficult to hear.

    I've dropped paint and oil on it and it's come off nicely also. The case seems substantial so if I did drop it, it should not break (I've had some cases crack on fall).

    The price is definitely good, would like to see a belt clip for this product.

  6. I love this case!

    I just got this case and I already love it! It Is great for both function and looks. I love the ringer button(I don't know what to call it but it's the button that turns the ringer on and off) because it has a screw that turns it on and off. The lifeproof cases have the little rubber thing over the button that rips so easily. It is kind of hard to open and close the case but oh well. I overall love this case!!! I definitely recommend it!


    I just received my case for an iPhone 6s plus. It seems to be just as good and much less expensive than the life proof. I love the lanyard and the fact that the screw for the headphone jack remains on the case. Remember the charging cords may not fit in the opening of the case. Voice and sound seem good. Haven't taken pics with it yet or recorded anything. Will see how it holds up.

  8. Solid Sturdy Waterproof case

    This is the best secure waterproof case. This case is for the iPhone 6s/6. It is slim and light weight but keeps your phone protected. This is a high quality product made with stand the outdoor adventures and elements water proof, shock proof, snow proof and dirt proof. Complete function of phone and buttons case does not interfere with any functions. It came in a very nice sturdy solid box. It was very well protected. It is super easy and simple to put on. You have 2 separate pieces the back and the top which also protects the screen and it snaps together securely. It came with a 3.5MM headphone jack adapter so you can leave phone in pocket and plug ear phone into it securely. The charging ports is enclosed in case and the door part is a little hard to open but that is how it is suppose to be to keep your valuable phone protected from the elements. I love the sleek design and once you install you have a grip to your phone but you can also tell how sturdy this case is. This is a top quality case and very sturdy. Would make a great gift. This case also helps to ease my mind from damages to phone with my careless kids they leave there phone every where.
    I received this product complimentary in exchange for a honest and unbiased review This is 100% my opinion and review testing I am not affiliated with company nor product.

  9. Sturdy case

    The case came packaged very nicely. You can tell it is of better quality than a lot of cases you can buy today. It was easy to put on the phone and it uses the standard screw in port covers to protect the phone. It is made well and should keep my phone from getting ruined by water and such.

  10. Really Nice

    I always like to have a water proof iPhone case for beach vacations and the other reason is because I like to surf the internet on my phone while in the bathtub (funny, I know). I have noticed I have to press harder to use the screen. The plug for the headphone jack is attached which I really like because it prevents it from getting lost and the case is very durable so it would hold up well to use. Over all I really like this iPhone case! I don't recommend taking the case off and on a lot because that's how you mess up water proof cases and cause it to not form a proper seal (that's just a tip). Even Lifeproof cases don't recommend taking them off and on a lot. Also, even though it's waterproof I would take my smart phone swimming. These cases are made more for insurance to save your phone. Mine was mailed to me as a sample so I could see the quality 1st hand and post my opinion.

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