Lightweight Adjustable Cardio Speed Jump Rope with Aluminum Spindles

Product Description

Get ready for the workout of your life! From intermediate to expert jumpers, this smooth, fast turning rope is the ultimate accessory to help you achieve your cardio endurance, agility, strength and overall fitness goals. Whether you are into Cross Fit, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength Training or some other fitness regimen, this rope is the perfect training partner.


Handles Built for Speed

Ergonomic, lightweight handles allow for improved control and precision while reducing arm strain and fatigue. High quality stainless steel speed bearings ensure a balanced, smooth, effortless rotation, enabling you to achieve maximum RPMs. Durable metal spindles are designed to withstand even the toughest workouts over the life of the rope. Comfortable, tapered grip won't slip even when you sweat.

Fully Adjustable Rope

The Gear Beast Speed Rope ships with a tangle free 10 foot long, lightweight steel braided cable that can be easily adjusted and sized for men and women of all ages, sizes and experience levels. Cable is coated with durable PVC to withstand the harshest indoor or outdoor workouts.

Fail Proof Cable Fasteners

Traditional screw fasteners can loosen over time and the jump rope can fly apart during your toughest workouts. Gear Beast Proprietary Dual Loop Fasteners are designed to keep your cable connected to your handles for the life of your rope. No longer will you have to go searching for the tiny screw that flew off or try to keep track of extra fasteners.


Whether you are at home, at the gym or traveling, the compact portable speed rope includes everything you need to knock out a heart pounding cardio session. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Balanced Jump Rope Handles with Steel Speed Bearings and Metal Spindles, 2 Dual Loop Fasteners (Extra Secure), 10 foot Cable (2 mm diameter), 2 Rope Caps, FREE Carrying Case Bag

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