TopView Rugged Smartphone Wallet Case for Apple iPhone X or iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus

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Top View Rugged Wallet Case combines the convenience of a wallet with the protection of a rugged iPhone case for your iPhone 8, 7, 8 Plus or 7 Plus. Folio style wallet case allows you to take your phone and your daily essentials with you without carrying your wallet or purse. Case features FOUR CARD SLOTS for credit and debit cards including a TRANSPARENT ID SLOT for easy access to your Photo ID and a top mounted PROTECTIVE ARMOR CASE that makes your iPhone 7 easily accessible.


Specifically designed to be a perfect fit for the iPhone with improved port access. Precision cutouts assure camera, speaker, and other functions are fully accessible and protected. Oversized charger port is compatible with most lightning cables, headphones and headphone adapters. This SLIM and form-fitted case ADDS MINIMAL BULK and retains the stylish design of your iPhone.


Integrated armor case meets military drop test standard MIL-STD 810G 516.6 providing peace of mind that your device is protected against drops, bumps, fumbles and scrapes. RAISED BEZEL protects the phone screen from scratching even if the phone is placed face down.

Compatible with Magnetic Mounts

Unique folio design also allows you to use with most car mounts including magnetic mounts. Supports Apple Pay and engineered to reduce the chance of signal loss and to allow full connectivity of WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC functions.

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  1. Works great

    I used to use Jimmy Case, but every time I'd drop my phone all of the contents would spill out. The pocket would also stretch over time. What is great bout this Gear Beast case is that it snaps shut. I've dropped my phone several times and not once did the contents fall out.

  2. Nice! But...

    The design for this case is pretty great. Well beyond what I’ve seen in other “stores”.

    I am able to fit 4 cards plus a drivers license well. However, it would be nice to have a place to tuck cash into for emergency use. Even if it’s just enough space for a single fold of one bill of whatever denomination.

    The snaps hold well with the mentioned amount of cards.

    A choice of the wallet opening in one direction over the other would also be a plus for future designs. The one I purchased has the opening on the left, so the case would open and you’d hold the phone part with your right hand. I would prefer the opposite.

    Other than those 2 things, I am very pleased with my purchase.

  3. IPhone 7 plus

    I like that the card compartment is on the back of the phone, but I do like the limited space within the compartment. No room for "emergency" dollars, only a couple of credit cards.

  4. Great design, but falls short (3.5 out 5)

    This case is definitely a step in the right direction for phone wallet cases. Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5.
    As an open case design it allows for full functionality without the awkward "open flap" during picture taking, texting or talking on the phone. This is a major plus over all closed case designs.
    Rugged design holds phone securely and padded corners offer extra protection against falls.
    Leather wallet casing is great which allows for more storage than hard cases.
    Snapping buttons are ideal to keep the case securely closed when not using the wallet.
    ID holder has a "thumb" hole which allows users to easily remove IDs when necessary.
    Camera and flash light are not obstructed by design features.
    Storage better than most, but still insufficient. The whole idea of a "wallet case" is to consolidate. As a DOD contractor I have two forms of ID, a government credit card and a personal one, business cards (just a couple on hand), and I prefer to carry at least some cash when I travel. Even with the five compartments, with just these items the case cannot fully close. However, with just a minor adjustment of elevating the snapping buttons this problem could easily be resolved, which future versions should consider. This is the primary negative feature that wasn't considered well.
    Pockets? Nope, slits. While slits may offer a bit more room, they make card storage a little awkward - they don't fit as well and they're harder to remove.
    Finally, the ID slit is too small. While it's convenient with the thumb hole to remove your ID when necessary, it'd be nice to not have to when an authority needs to see identification.