TopView Smartphone Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus
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Product Description

Fashion, Protection and Function in an Easy to Use Case

Gear Beast Top View Cell Phone Case for iPhone 8 or 7 is the perfect folio case for anyone that hates missing calls or messages because their phone is hidden by a folio cover. The innovative Top View case provides full access to your phone screen even when the folio is closed. Handcrafted from smooth, rich, faux leather (PU) with accented stitching, this folio case has a refined, stylish look that is perfect for men or women. Available in a range of stylish colors, this case is the perfect complement for your iPhone.

Enhanced Protection for your iPhone 7

The durable TPU bumper case features 5-sided protection and provides additional cushioning at the corners of your phone (most common point of impact when a phone is dropped). The TPU is soft and flexible to allow for easy installation of your iPhone 7. In addition, the raised bezel of the case allows you to place the phone screen down without scratching or damaging the screen.

Abandon Your Wallet or Purse!

Securely take along your essential credit cards, debit cards, business cards, driver's license and IDs when you're on the go. This wallet case features:

1) FOUR CARD SLOTS for credit and debit cards including TRANSPARENT ID SLOT for easy access to your Photo ID

2) TWO FOLIO SNAPS to keep your ID, credit cards and other cards secure

3) TOP VIEW PROTECTIVE BUMPER CASE to easily access your iPhone to make calls, check messages or access your apps or the web all without opening the folio cover!

Slim Design
Built To Fit
Perfect Fit

Specifically designed for the Apple iPhone 8 & 7, this slim and form-fitted wallet case provides easy access to all buttons, camera, speakers and connectors.

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  1. Duré de vie limité

    C’est un bon produit en général, il protège bien le téléphone et est très pratique. Malheureusement la durée de vie n’est pas très longue car le tour de l’etui se décolle de la coque et le porte carte se décolle également de sur la coque. Il faudrait également sûr élever les boutons car avec les cartes a l’intérieur les boutons surtout lui du haut on tendance à déboutonner.
    Je vais tout de même racheter ce produit puisque c’est le produit qui répond le mieux a mes besoins.

  2. very useful

    I like this product a lot. I'd previously been using an iPhone case with two pockets in the back, and they weren't enough. This case includes a snap-closed back which open to provide space for credit cards, drivers licenses, business cards, etc.

    the snap closure is a great idea & works well. (It's a substantial clasp.) It contributed a little extra bulk to the phone but an inconsiderable amount of extra weight. I find that it keeps stuff like train tickets, my employment i.d. card (which I keep having to whip out to open doors), etc.