Universal Smartphone IPX8 Certified Waterproof Bag With Armband

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Product Description

GearDry Sport Armband does what it says…keeps your GEAR DRY!

The Gear Beast GearDry Sport Armband is the perfect waterproof sports armband for running, cycling, hiking, kayaking, skiing, fishing or just going to the pool, to the beach or anywhere else where you want to keep your phone from getting damaged by water or other elements. This universal case accommodates all smartphones up to 5.7 inch diagonal and still has plenty of room to keep your ID, credit cards, wallet, money or other personal items secure, dry and clean.

Protection without Limiting Access

Designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, the GearDry case is constructed of crystal clear waterproof TPU material that allows full touch screen access. Need to keep up with the action? The clear front and back allows you to take pictures and videos without removing your phone from the waterproof case.

Certified Waterproof

The GearDry waterproof dry bag is IPX8 certified waterproof to 10 feet so rest easy if junior accidentally (or intentionally) drops it in the pool. The secure seal and durable waterproof TPU materials will keep your phone and other items dry and protected.

Designed for Performance by the Leader in Sports Armbands

Gear Beast has designed a secure, comfortable multi-position armband strap that fits arms with circumference of 10 to 16 inches. Not big enough for you weightlifters? Armband extender straps are available from Gear Beast on Amazon for arms 16 to 20 inches.

Product Reviews

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  1. Five stars!

    Bought for my husband he loves it and uses when he's out on the water.

  2. Great price and Product

    The Pouch worked great. I did the water test as it suggested. I did 2 hours under water and the tissues never had a drop of water. Might not be that stylish but it works. IT'S WATERPROOF.

  3. Very convenient for keeping your phone dry and clean.

    Fits iPhone 6 with otter box on it. Attached pictures. Didn't really think I needed this product but I was able to receive it at A discounted price in exchange for my review so I gave it a try. I go kayaking quite often and it's great to know my phone is safe and secure in this bag. Probably the best feature is the clear areas on the front and back. This allows you to use the touchscreen and take pictures. i'm really looking forward to taking some underwater pictures next chance I get. The manual does recommend testing the bag before using it by putting some tissue in it and submerging it in water for several minutes. they offer contact information to replace the bag if it does not hold up. This gives me confidence in the product and the seller. Mine held up just fine during the test.

  4. High Quailty Product!! Highly Recommended!!

    This case is absolutely amazing. I am constantly on the go with my phone. I actually work on my phone from home as well. But, I have a Galaxy S5 from Samsung so it has a lot of great features on it. The phone itself is supposed to be waterproof but I do not want to risk it. So, when I ordered this product I knew the possibilities were endless with it. It is super well made and very easy to use. I can just slip my phone in the bag when I go for my morning walk to take my son to school. I live in Oregon and everyone knows how much it rains here, so I always tuck it away in my jacket and cannot really use it because I do not want it to get wet. With this case you can easily use my phone through the case. I can still use the touch screen with no issues. Then I had a great idea, I can use it in the shower to listen to music with instead of leaving my phone in the window and barely hearing it. I also can take pictures underwater when my gets go to swim practice now too. Super excited about this product!! Highly recommended!! I received this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased opinion, I would have pay well over retail price for it though.

  5. High quality waterproof case

    The quality of the bag seems great, and the locking device is really simple. It's so simple in fact that I had my doubts about whether it would properly protect my device. The case has instructions on running a test with a piece of tissue paper, and after 30 minutes submerged I couldn't find any water damage to the tissue. After the tissue test, I placed an older device in the bag, and sunk it in a mason jar. Kept water out perfectly. I would say I'm definitely impressed, and although I received the item discounted in exchange for a review, feel that the normal price is absolutely fair.

  6. Perfect for beach vacation

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for a review. With a trip to Jamaica coming up, this was right on time! It worked great to keep water off and sand away from the phone. I didn't submerge it in any water but it was nice to know that an occasional splash was no problem. I don't think swimming with it would be a problem. It seems very leak proof and I was very happy with it.

  7. Plus i dont have to hold onto it because the armband fits perfect around my arm

    Big kids play to right? I know I do and with this waterproof case I can put my phone around my arm and not worry about it getting destroyed in the water. Plus i dont have to hold onto it because the armband fits perfect around my arm.