Universal Smartphone Lanyard with Pocket

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Never drop your phone again!

The Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever dropped or fumbled their phone while trying to remove it from their pocket, purse, backpack or bag when hurrying to answer a call, check a message or catch a photo opportunity. Great for sports fans, concert goers, hikers, students, kids, Pokemon Go players or any professional that needs immediate and constant access to their phones.


Perfect for credit card, Drivers License, Corporate ID, Access Card or any other card you want to keep handy. Weighing around 1 ounce, and to provide a secure carrying solution for your phone for as long as you own it.

Versatile and Comfortable Design Can Be Worn in Multiple Ways

Lanyard strap with detachable phone holder can be worn as a necklace, wrist strap or attached to a belt loop, purse, backpack or zipper. No matter how you wear it, your phone will be secure and accessible when you need it. Extra strong lightweight silicone strap and holder are designed to be comfortable to wear. The Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap is available in a variety of trendy colors to match your own personal style.

Lanyard_ Compatibility
Compatible With Most Phones

Phone holder expands to fit phones up to 6.75 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide including iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5, SE, Galaxy S9 Plus, S9, S8 Plus, S8, S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, Note 8 and more. Holder accommodates cases from Otterbox, Lifeproof, Spigen, Urban Armor and Incipio. PLEASE NOTE: Phone holder MAY PARTIALLY BLOCK CAMERAS POSITIONED IN REAR CENTER like on the Galaxy Phones. It may be necessary to remove phone from holder to use camera.

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  1. Wonderful product!

    This is a great way to keep your phone with you when you don’t have pockets. Works best when my phone case is on, but also keeps my phone secure without the case.

  2. Handy for Photos

    I got this for a gift so not sure how well it will fit her phone but my friend used one on a trip to Scotland and she loved hers. So quick to take pictures.

  3. Works great!

    Product is well made and exactly as pictured.

  4. Highly recommend

    I highly recommend this product it comes in several colors and is easy to use. You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone.

  5. Great product for my waterproof phone

    I have an IPhone 6s. It is in a Life Proof waterproof case, but that wouldn't help much if I drop it in a river or bay and it sinks. This Gear Beast lanyard is the ticket. If it had a stainless clasp I would give it another star.

  6. Quality and speedy delivery

    Easiest and most adaptable.

  7. I finally found a product that solves my problem

    I have been waiting several years for a way to hang my iPhone. Many women’s pants have no pockets or shallow ones, or only back pockets. I think I broke a previous phone by sitting on it. My phone is my safety life line, since I live alone, and need to have it with me, not in the bathroom or basement because I got tired of carrying it. I have always found the belt holsters awkward. With my new Universal Lanyard and wrist strap with slot for ID, I am able to wear my large IPhone 8+ around my neck, or attach a carabiner to it and hang it on my waist or other clothing. I can keep it with me always, and answer it without taking it off. I bought several to give to other women friends and family. It makes life easier, and safer. The lanyard and phone netting are one of the new really strong sports type plastics. It is wearing well.

  8. Cool gadget

    I hate to have a heavy purse while shopping & I hate to have something around my wrist at an amusement park. Problem solved!

  9. So far, I like

    It's simple, easy to use, and intelligently designed. I hope the bands (rubber) that hold the phone (mine's a moto g5+) are strong enough to last for a long time. Would prefer they be somewhat thicker than they are. But perhaps those on the device will be fine. Time will tell.

  10. So simple but so handy!

    I love it! Great for all those days that you don't have pockets and can't carry a bag.

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